A New Dance

1-1-22. Step. Step. Step-step. Step-step. New day, new year. 1-1-22…. Feels like…baby steps. Unsure at first, then gaining momentum. Inching toward… the future. A better year? A promising new time? Can we let go of the bitterness and division and see our future together as an alternative to our demise in divided isolation? Time will … More A New Dance


Waves of Kindness

“Throw a pebble in the water, and make a wave, make a wave…”~ Demi Lovato Some people are just wired to be kind. It’s like breathing, for them, an effortless part of their being that just happens. We all know these people – sometimes we don’t know that we know them, until we do. Sometimes … More Waves of Kindness

Shadow Hugs

Know what this is? It’s a fairly new emoji on my iPhone (can you see it?). I’m told it’s supposed to be a hug (it comes up as a suggested emoji for “hug” in my predictive text), but it’s…a shadow. A shadow hug. How perfect for our times, now. We can’t hug, not really, because … More Shadow Hugs

The Day After

I have written a post about “The Day After” before, after the Camp Fire destroyed my hometown of Paradise, California, in November, 2018. Devastated, I spoke of that loss and the need for strength, of the resilience that was needed for those of us who stayed in Paradise or planned to return to rebuild. It … More The Day After

Christmas Eve Eve

It’s two days before Christmas; tonight will be “Christmas Eve Eve.” I am reminded that the journey to Bethlehem was short by today’s traveling standards – just under six miles – but Mary was pregnant, and their mode of travel was walking and occasionally riding a young donkey; it must have felt as if it … More Christmas Eve Eve