As Within, So Without

Holy cow….this has been the longest year ever. So many events globally. So much chaos and also SO much potential for positive change. I am exhausted but hopeful for the next trip around the sun. I look to the future with hope and affirmation of its potential, and I commit to taking the lessons I have learned from this year into the rest of my life. To be a catalyst for change in a positive, not divisive, way. To use my words and my intentions honestly and with love for all beings. To walk with faith and remember that grace is the absence of judgement and the presence of love. If I am to judge, I will judge only myself, for my actions and my intentions, and allow others that freedom without my limited perspective of their life. To choose observing and listening first, and speaking last. Two eyes, two ears…one mouth. May it be so…and so it is. I recognize and acknowledge the love and light in each of you, my virtual community, and wish you a year of hope and new beginnings.   


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