From clarity to vision…let us begin.


How excited I am to not write ”2020” as a year marker!

…weird that I thought, like most of us, perhaps, that 2020 would be a year of clarity. And, in many ways, it was, though not the clarity we sought or imagined. Just as the Bible speaks of seeing “through a glass darkly,” we learned – our eyes opened by God and nature – of things we didn’t want to see. We saw what we had wrought to our environment as it began baby steps to heal in the absence of our ubiquitous presence. We saw how divided we had become, how afraid of anything that threatened our well-being. We learned that careless, insistent self-interest could be more than a selfish act, it could be a death sentence to others who needed our care, our protection, our call to action.  Clarity comes when the film is removed, and removed it was, in many ways.

With clarity comes the ability to see, hopefully more clearly, what lies ahead. Our future, our potential, our limitations and our flaws but also our capacity for growth and resilience and our strength.

And so, 2021, what clarity will you bring to us? What lessons? What vision? And what will we bring to your history-in-the-making; how will we describe and remember this new year after our next trip around the sun? What new doors will appear for us, and which will we open?

Let us begin with clarity for the year to come.


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