What Is Your “If”?

Starting over isn’t easy. It doesn’t mean going back to your past to re-create it. It means deciding who you want to be, what you want to be, NEXT, then believing THAT. The past cannot be undone, and reliving past events, whether joy-filled or horrible, does nothing to move you into your future. Allow the past to be a memory, not a “groundhog day” of repeated episodes. Remember, but move forward. Your experience is your teacher, if you pay attention. Own your part, or course, but not the actions or reactions of others. Forgive yourself, and others, for whatever has already happened.  Time to look ahead. The rear view mirror in your car is smaller than your windshield for a reason; you are meant to look forward. Get into the passing lane, and get out of your own way!

Years ago, at an incredibly difficult time in my life, I started practicing yoga on a regular basis. One of my earliest lessons came from my yoga teacher, who, when I said, “I can’t (do this pose),” said “Don’t say that; instead, say “I’m developing the ability to… (do this pose). The difference in your outlook creates your future success.” I’ve never forgotten that lesson, though I re-learn it often. It applies to so much in life.
Walt Disney told his team, “Instead of  “no, because…” I want to hear “yes, if…”  It really is all about your visualizing what you want to happen in your future. “The best way to predict the future is to create it. First, create it in your own mind; then, believe it.

You can be a new you; what does that look like? “Yes, if…” What is your “if”? Take a step today to make your “if” a “when.” “Yes, WHEN…” You ARE developing the abilities to change your life.


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