A New Dance

1-1-22. Step. Step. Step-step. Step-step.

New day, new year. 1-1-22…. Feels like…baby steps. Unsure at first, then gaining momentum. Inching toward… the future. A better year? A promising new time? Can we let go of the bitterness and division and see our future together as an alternative to our demise in divided isolation? Time will tell.

I am reminded of the mother who gathered her children together and asked the strongest child to hold onto a single wooden match.  “Can you break it?” she asked, and the child did, easily. But she then gave this confident, strong child ten matches and said, “Hold these all together and try to break them as you did that single match.” The child could not break them. “You see? Alone,” the mother told her children, “we are easily broken, but together we are strong, unbreakable….”

One-one, two-two. It’s a dance. Can we look past all that divides us and see what we share? Look past the need to dominate, to win, to prevail, and just truly SEE one another – our common hopes and dreams, our humanity? What if we focused on the hearts that beat, just the same, no matter the packaging; on our common need to be loved, to be seen, to be valued… what if we remembered that harmony occurs when we sing different notes…together? If we learned to listen, truly listen, through the noise to hear the music?

Before we shout the words of division, let us pause, today, for a moment, then another, one-one, two-two… and begin this new year, this new dance, using words of support, encouragement, love. One word at a time, one moment, one dance step at a time, we can collectively raise our collective vibration to the language of the angels. Because one at a time, in isolation, we break, but connected, together, we are unbreakable. Unstoppable. Together.



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