Now retired from teaching, training, counseling, and managing people, I find I am still often approached by those in my life who want words of encouragement, inspiration, perhaps direction, as they navigate this journey we call “life.” One of my favorite classroom catchphrases was (and is) “keep your knees bent.” My meaning is this: in sports, dance, and life in general, if you stay flexible (by “keeping your knees bent”), you can absorb some of the shock that comes with sudden change, however unexpected. It seemed a good fit for this new venture, for me: a blog with random thoughts or nuggets of wisdom (aka “experience”) about what I’ve learned about keeping some balance in my life, or observed from others along the way.
Thanks for stopping by – feedback about specific posts, requests for future blog content, and your “take” on this blog are encouraged and appreciated. You can also find me on Facebook (“Keepin’ My Knees Bent with Ginny Brown”).


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