Clarity. Maybe.

Clarity: my name for the journal I started this year, 2020. I wonder. The memes preponderate. The photos, the videos…the words and the tears and the anger. The fear and the condemnations, the never-ending images, again and again, and again, of the violence. I have so much to say, and so little to say. This … More Clarity. Maybe.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Looks pretty normal, right (the first picture)? But look at the other side (the second picture)… and remember this: things, and people, aren’t always presenting their whole story. When the Camp Fire levelled the Town of Paradise in November 2018, few homes were spared total destruction; mine was one of them. “You’re so lucky!” I … More You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Do You.

The truth is, you don’t have to like everyone; everyone doesn’t have to like you. Even if you have been connected at some point in the past; even if you are “family.” It isn’t a blight on you as a person, or on them; it simply means you are, now, in different places in this … More Do You.

Build A Bridge

I have a friend who, when reminded of a sticky or hurtful situation that happened (in the past), will say, “oh, I built a bridge.” I didn’t understand at first, until she explained it to me…. what a perfect thought! Build a bridge (and get over it)! Build a bridge (and move on, move forward)… … More Build A Bridge

Spirit … or Wound?

It’s a fair question. Is your past experience driving your actions and your attitude-of-the-day, or are you ready to move forward, be renewed, turn the light on? Take a moment, and, in the silence of this single moment, ask your spirit, your inner self, your heart… to tell you how to proceed. Anger, grief, pain…all … More Spirit … or Wound?


New Year’s Day is for new goals, resolutions, intentions for the coming year…. But it is an arbitrary date.  This year, I chose my own birth day to reflect on the five-and-some decades that have come and gone in my life. Astrologically, my new age is the sideways symbol of my sun sign, Cancer: the … More Vicissitudes

The Hole Story

Sometimes, you just have to go to a darker place. I am in a hole. I’ve been in a hole for awhile. Try to put a happy face on, and succeed, most days. There is much to be grateful for. Much is good in my world. Still, here I am, in this hole. Please, don’t … More The Hole Story

What you see is…what you see. How the Troxler Effect Affects Us

A few days ago I posted (on Facebook) a photo of a dogwood tree in full bloom, a breathtaking sight that was in no way diminished for me by the backdrop behind it of the house (and surrounding houses) that were reduced to rubble by the Camp Fire. The rubble just disappeared for me…and I … More What you see is…what you see. How the Troxler Effect Affects Us